Saturday, February 28, 2009

3D Ownage

As the title says, 3D has consumed my life this quarter. And you know what? I love it. Here's the work in progress of the opium scene I did today. Everything's unwrapped and I messed around with lighting a bit. It's crap I know. The stunning Joe Young is going to give me a hand in lighting this bad boy here within the coming weeks for the final render. Bouncing in between max and maya for material and lighting and my game assets class is doing two main things for me, A; driving me absolutely insane, and B; making me a well rounded 3D artist... :-) BRING IT
Here's the checker. Not the most amazing of UV's. whateva...And here's the clay render wit my trying to light it up. More to come!

Dirty register

This is a WIP that I'm handing in tomrrow. I wasn't feeling too good about this project early the mornin when I was working on it, but now after about 8 hours on it (mostly stupid mistakes in high poly modeling and uv unrapping) I'm feeling a bit better about it. Decent texture work can do that I guess. I still have quite a bit of teture work to do on it, as well as spec and updated normals. C&Cs welcome ♥

Friday, February 27, 2009

CG Lighting and wat?

SO this week's been.. ok. Had my crash course in computer generated lighting and realized how fake it is. It's ridiculous how tough it can be to make believable lighting. Anyways, here's a couple renders out of Maya from two lighting exercises done in material and lighting class on Wednesday.

Also, on a side note, Expect to see some renders of m next prop that's due saturday, as well as m opium den all modeled and unwrapped. I've got a large amount of stuff to do... now let's do it! :-)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Den

So I should have modeled a bit more than I did today. I've spent about 5 hours today on this scene. I'd like to have more done than what's here, but alas, still a n00b... This is the beginnings of my final project for material and lighting class. He wants an Asian inspired theme, and instead of the cliche Samurai swords and armor that the rest of the class will be undoubtedly doing, I'm going a Chinese opium den, lol. I'd say the modeling is about 69% done. I'll most likely finish the rest of the modeling tomorrow, then work on the unwraps.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Woo hoo, numba one!

Wowee, so my first post on blog spot ever! Stunning... ok, so here goes. Life is going going going! Between 4 classes at Ai, and working at Gamestop as well as working at the Ai student store, I practically have no time to stop and smell the roses. It's pretty crazy, I don't play games like I used to, I don't run on the beach anymore, blah blah blah wahh wahh. This is my future! It's so close I can taste it. Anyways, stay focused blah blah follow your dreams and draw joy to yourself. Just remember, you've got to work for that joy.

So as far as classes go, everything's going relatively smooth as of now. I was a bit behind in one class due to some technical issues (maya you pain...) but I'm getting the hang of things in the program and everything seems to be on track. So yeah, long as I'm on schedule, I should be alright... right?

WRONG Brad, WRONG! Your going to San Fran-freeking-sisco on week eleven when finals are due! You have to stay one week ahead of the game. Get cracking whitey...

Anyways, I'll try my best to use this blog as a means for friends and family to see my work and it's progression. Speak of family, Mom, Dad, Nana, and Papa: I love you guys so much, without you I would be nothing nowhere. Thanks for everything.

In advance, sorry for such a long post... I'm going try to and catch everyone up a bit on a couple things...

Here, have some Art... First... older post...

These were 3 of the 4 final props I made for a game modeling class. Not bad for first textured props ever in my opinion :-) Sarge epically likes how the flintlock and cutlass turned out. And I kinda impressed everyone with the projection mapping for the chest. Yay for Game Art!

Here are some silly Nazi's I made for character and object design class. This was a piece my final. I'm thinking of taking Patrick's next class special topics in game design some quarter, but I'm nervous about doing so. I'm terrible and conceptual drawing, but I want to get better. If only there was the time to be a decent 2d AND 3d artist...

And here we go, my first character concept... This is still a work in progress since last quarter. Here's his character sheet.

Needless to say, I opened him back up one night in maya and did an absolutely terrible, quick unwrap in UV Layout, and a crappier texture and bump map in photoshop as a "lets practice and see if I like the whole character art thingy." Well, I DO! I plan on fixing up the model a bit and then going to town on this guy. In Max of course though. Nothing personal Maya... I'm going to rig him for animation once I take 3d character rigging.

So yeah, One last look at the p.o.s job I did. :-]

OK, so now for newer stuff...

The Infamous tele. :-) I had a lot of fun with this one in Game assets development.

First prop I did in game assets development. 60's themed Television set. As far as how much I like it.. meh... I'll re do the textures and add normals for uberness one day maybe...

Here's my mid-term for material and lighting. I'm please with how it turns out for my first scene ever set up in maya. The wagon wheel came out awesome!

Ok, one more thing, here's a render from a lighting study in maya... I did the lights.. that's it, not the modeling. K, stay tuned, and ILY all! :-*