Thursday, October 15, 2009

Well all, it has been too long since my last post, mostly because everything just ends up going into facebook. So for those you readying this post who are friends with me on faceboook, I apologize, nothing new for you here. :) So I have been very very busy creating assets for the fallout 3 mod I am working on with a great group of people ( Below I will post the first 4 assets I create for the game.

Also I've got a couple of my finals from last quarter including my Mantis from advanced material and lighting, as well as my first ever character rig. I rigged a character I modeled a while ago, but I had a pretty good time doing it. However rigging a character only showed me how much more of an asset and environment artist I am, cause it was NOT easy, haha.

Also in some other cool news, the UE3 mod i worked on called "Cartel" won an honorable mention from Epic games in phase 4 of the "make something unreal contest". So that was cool! for a little more info on that.

This quarter I am taking few really cool classes, one of which is called Modeling and Architecture. I've already began work on my next environment for this class which is an old Irish fishing village. Google the town of Doolin Ireland for a kind of "feel" I will be shooting for for this next project, so expect to see updates of that project through the coming couple months. I am also taking a class called Mapping for Games taught by my mentor Johnnie Estill, so I'm very sure I'll take a lot out of that class when it comes to my tincturing skills.

Anyways, onto some in-game screen shots of my recent work for the fallout mod including an air compressor, an automotive lift, and hanging high front he front of a building, as well as a set of hair dryers that will be going into various environments in the game.