Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Den

So I should have modeled a bit more than I did today. I've spent about 5 hours today on this scene. I'd like to have more done than what's here, but alas, still a n00b... This is the beginnings of my final project for material and lighting class. He wants an Asian inspired theme, and instead of the cliche Samurai swords and armor that the rest of the class will be undoubtedly doing, I'm going a Chinese opium den, lol. I'd say the modeling is about 69% done. I'll most likely finish the rest of the modeling tomorrow, then work on the unwraps.


  1. Nice looking den, keep up the good work with the make-awesome button.

  2. nice...chinese opium den huh? man i havent even have my environment yet...somthing bother me a lately.

  3. thanks all :-) But it's not done yet XD