Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Snake Lady

SO i took a break today from my 3d environments class stuff because quite frankly I'm sick of unwrapping, setting to zero, and exporting ACSIIs out of max for the punisher scene. Back to that tomorrow. (Which i should finish unwrapping and start texturing tomorrow.) Anywho, met with Charles over my comparative anatomy final and I decided I'm going to model a character. Since we have to have half human half animal things I did a half woman half snake. The render below is a smoothed out version of my low poly model. I modeled the torso thinking anatomically inc e it is an anatomy class. Her legs are obviously the snake part, and as far as head head which is the last thing to do, I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing about it. I'll figure it out over the weekend. So yeah, look out for snake lady! I plan on taking her into zbrush for some details and normals then texturing her in photoshop! Also, PEPPER CONCERT tomorrow! :-) Peace all!


  1. Hey man, the snake lady looks nice, maybe touch up a bit around the pelvis area.
    how's the competition thing going?

  2. o man long way to go. gluck sir.