Sunday, April 26, 2009


So wow. I'm starting to have a taste of what it might feel like working as a prop artist in the industry, and here's why. I've had the wonderful opportunity to work with about 20 fellow students on an independent project for a short game that will be entered into the make something unreal contest for phase for to try and win $25K. I am currently on a team of about 6 or 7 artists for the game, and it's pretty awesome. Things are looking amazing so far. We have a wide mix of people on the team including artists, programmers, and we even have a music composer! Haha! I've been pumping out low and high poly props like crazy lately due to this project as well as my 3D Environments class. Needless to say... busy busy busy! So regarding the independent project, I will release more details about the game when I think I'm allowed too, lol. I can give you the name of the poject; World_6: It's a 3rd person survival action game in the Unreal 3 Engine for PC. I'm also plenty busy with working at the student store, having a 2d drawing class where i'm pumping out 75 sketches a week, as well as my level design class too. But guess what y'all, it's fun :-) Anyways, here's some of the stuff I've been working on. I'll be working on another prop tonight. I'll try and update a but more often gicin the amount of stuff i'm making recently. Peace! :-)

This piece is something I've been tirelessly working on due to the fact that Johnnie at school kinda gave me a crash curse rendering with Mental Ray in max. This is rendered in mental ray. However, these props will be using in my Punisher scene that's slowly getting done. I really wanted to convey the feeling of mourning Frank Castle felt when his family was murdered in the comic series. These are strictly low poly assets. No high poly needed.

There's are some olden' time hand drills that will be in use in the World_6 project. (Torture devices...hehe)Textures soon to come.

And lastly for this post this is an older style operation light used in a surgical room. This will also be used in World_6. On the left is the low poly and on the right is the high poly. The LP was something around 3K tris and the high was like 56K.


  1. liked the leather crack on the couch...was that in unreal too?

  2. Thanks man! :-) And naw, that render is in max using mental ray.