Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Guh... I need to be asleep. Here's some progress on my register model. Mostly just on the diffuse. The diffuse is pretty much finished. I'm sure I'll tweak a few more things before I slam in some normals and a spec map, but it yeah, diffuse is done for the most part. Hope some added normals from the diffuse for those little patterns and stuff all over the register combined with the HP normals will really make this thing pop. Darn thing would be done by now if it weren't for the 7 or so hours I spent on 3d camera stuff. Ahh well, such is life.

There ya go. Again, just diffuse, no spec, no normals...

And if you're ever wondering what a MooM is. this is one ^. We don't get along very well. This is a screen shot from my final chase scene for 3D camera techniques class where Chris just stole Kyle's pop tart and is about to run out the door with it. Epic lolz.. right?

P.S. Big thanks to Zach Gonzalez for letting me bug him all night about the games industry. He's goten pretty much my dream job, and I've been going back and fourth thorugh e-mail all night on industry advice and what not. Awesome guy, thanks again Zach!
Here's his site... show him some love...


  1. that cash register looks almost exactly like the one I have :) gooooood job

  2. Jill... then you need to clean your register... Naw but really, thanks :-)