Monday, March 9, 2009


...are win. Well the LP and HP versions of the grand are finished as of just a few min ago. Edge control was a pain in the butt on some parts of this baby, but I'm happy with the overall result. Next in line for this project is to unwrap it then throw on a base texture for a critique from my professor. Sadly, the rest of the project will be on hold for a couple days as I focus on texturing my opium den for my material and lighting class, as well as finish up my final for 3d camera techniques. Anyways, thanks again for reading. Peace, love, and chicken grease.


  1. I still can't believe you took the time to make those keys. XD

  2. This piano is down to the T in detail for being done in Max and not imported to Zbrush or Mudbox. The high poly version is skillfully done while keeping clean typology. Keep this up Brad and I don't see any regarding you getting hired. Now Zbrush it!