Monday, March 23, 2009


So finally, all of my finals are done. Again, what a quarter it's been! Stunning. As you may or may not know, I'll be leaving for the game developers conference this Tuesday and attending Wednesday through Saturday. This is an awesome networking chance and I'm going to jump right on it. Of all my work this quarter, and at my time at Ai, I have made these 4 portfolio sheets. No I'm not going to a job yet, I still have over a yea till graduation, but YES I will be looking for comments, critiques, advice from game industry props the I'll be meeting with. And maybe bed and plead for an internship, hehe. Anyways, here are my pieces I'm taking over, hope you like them! Wish me luck in San Fransisco, and to all you lovely Ai students, have a wonderful spring break! :-)


  1. Man, you have your 3D game on! Just know that the "copyright" part doesn't mean jack if you don't precise the year.

  2. looking good, linked on to this page after that stupid maya comment lol. keep it up.

    - Le

    PS: use a low opacity soft light layer with colored gradients on top of everything on your color map for some subtle hue variation.