Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It may slow me down, but it shall not stop me. And thanks to the help of Mighty Joe I'm very pleased with how the final version of my den scene came out. There were sacrifices though. The lanterns are one of the biggest, but hey, ars gratia artis and for nothing else :-) Anyways, yes, as of today I've been diagnosed with mono. It's not the end of the world, but it's surley an obstacle to overcome for me. Anyways, happy St. Paddy's day all.

The first is a render out of Maya using Maya software, and the second is a quick brightness touch up I did in photoshop since the school's computers and printers all turn everything out a bit darker.


  1. Both of them have a lot of depth and drama to them with the lighting. The contrast is helping the first post a lot more. The texturing is great, though the lighting could still be pushed a bit, but great for maya soft ware. Keep it up!

  2. I'm really digging the second one: instead of the typical moody ambiance you'd expect in an opium parlor, you have a bit of story going on with lighting that suggests a sunrise over the scene... it's hard to explain, but it's like when you remove all of the mysticism by turning the lights on in a nightclub, realizing that the hot chick you've been dancing with all night long wasn't exactly as hot as you thought she was.

    But yeah, the softness of those shadows are really working for you, and the bump as well.

  3. yes the 2nd one is much better...i like the texture a lot too bad I never finished mine.